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Direct-To-Garment Printing.

DTG printing, also called D2 printing or direct-to-garment printing is a newer technology that really opens things up for small orders, especially if you have a dark shirt and want a soft hand. This is the method most people mean when they say digital printing on shirts. It's great for fine gradations and detail, especially if you have a design with lots of colors and you want a relatively small quantity order. The ink only binds with cotton, so this works best on 100% cotton shirts, though we've had some good results with blends up to 50/50.

What's the best solution? It depends on your quantity range and your art. A large run of shirts with spot colors is almost certainly best done as screen printing. A smaller run of a multi-color design is likely best done as DTG. There are some designs that will always look better in one medium or the other. 

Go wild with unlimited design selections for any garment. Our offered options are limitless with thousands of colors. As artists, one of the things we find fascinating is that customers may be inspired from a pre-designed or clip art image and add their own wording or flare to it. We Were Born of Creativity to Create.  Discovery the Artist in you with...

 You wont need screens or film for output. Gone are the days of having to worry about buying screens for each color,  No waiting extra days for the screens or output. Talk about freedom of design to print! If you see a design you like, you can print it on 1 garment or 500 without extra cost for color or output.

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