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5 senes make $$$

5 senses make dollars

When reaching your target customers and you engage as many senses as possible, they are more incline to give you their hard earned cash. Savvy marketers are aware of the benefits of targeting sensitive areas that offer consumers a deeper and more fulfilling experience. Touching these senses create depth, texture, and feeling that becomes associated with your brand. Your story takes on vivid colors making it more compelling to your potential customers. Tapping into people’s emotional body will have them coming back for that feeling, which should equate to more revenue to the bottom line. More often than not businesses forget these crucial components when they are devising their marketing plan.

In this current society of ADD and ADHD holding the attention of the masses is a daunting task without tantalizing the senses. Sensory branding and marketing is the present and future when it comes to capturing more of your market share. This theory is just not snake oil, but there is actual science behind these emotional triggers. If you are not incorporating these senses in your marketing material you are sure to lose the attention of your clients. Especially with the attention span shrinking below 8 seconds, which is lower than a goldfish. Sensory sensation could catapult your brand to another stratosphere. Dare to go where other companies won’t and your brand will shine brightly amongst the stars. Can you smell the new money rolling into your bank account by the boat loads?

Touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell are the 5 senses that make dollars, but the one that stands out as the longest lasting is the olfactory nerve [smell]. I guess the nose really knows, smell has a retention rate of 65% according to the Sense of Smell Institute located in New York. In comparison to the visual retention of images, which decrease by 50% after 90 days. This is probably why the perfume industry has cashed in on the nose to the whooping tune of $30 billion globally in 2013 and expected to increase to $45 billion in 2018. This powerful sense triggers cherished memories, and warns us of dangers. New technologies smell a new horizon approaching where scented marketing will be far more personalized. Can you smell what's cooking (in my Rock voice) in the advertisement arena? Aromatic blends can make your brand even more memorable than ever. Ahhh the sweet smells of success!!!

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