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Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

It's one of the most compact business marketing tools in use today it has flexed it’s prowess for generations. The business card was born in the 18th century as a visiting card in France before the modern facelift it has today. It has the greatest history of all marketing material, in France and China social interactions was not considered proper without a visiting card or what we would consider a business card in present day.

These small cards carried a huge punch when it came to personal and business status. In London it served as advertisements for businesses giving location, sales, and price list. At this point, is when merchants began to see the effectiveness of this mighty marketing tool to get information to their customers. The enhancement of the print machines made these handy marketing tools affordable for small and large companies. Then came the ability to add color with the advent of multicolor lithography made producing these small giants an art. The most attractive cards were usually held onto and placed for safekeeping.

BIGGER AND BADDER than ever, your investment in this stock, card stock that is should be a significant portion of your marketing portfolio. Entrepreneurs should never be caught without one with them. Having the power to choose different cardstock thickness do not select something that is going to go limp in your pocket. Like the days of yester year the card you have in your hand from metal, plastic, and paper will view your status, and these elements will be reflective of your brand. Stand out and separate yourself from the mediocrity by leaving your potential customer with a card that is more substantial.

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